Nicotine Replacement Therapy Causes Cancer?

An article published in the London times today brings up the possibility that the use of nicotine replacement therapy may carry a higher cancer risk than previously thought. It has always been assumed that NRT was potentially harmful, but that it was much better than smoking cigarettes considering as nicotine doesn’t seem to be nearly as dangerous as the many stronger carcinogens found in burning tobacco products.However what has now been discovered is that the use of the nicotine replacements such as stop smoking patches, nicotine gum and the nicotine inhaler may be more of a health hazard than feared.

A new study out of the University of London, has found that a genetic mutation which can cause mouth cancer can be worsened by the nicotine levels found in stop smoking products. Its too early to tell if smokers should be worried about the risk from these products but we can be sure that the cancer risk will still be much lower for a nicotine gum user when to compared to someone who continues to smoke cigarettes.

Its hard to say exactly what this means for those of use who use the E Cigarette as a nicotine replacement therapy. After reading the article my stance is pretty much as it has always, E Cigarettes are probably not the healthiest product on the market and should not be seen as a long term replacement for tobacco cigarettes.

You might say that its easy to find a successful Stop Smoking Aid on the market, but which of them really offers a genuinely high chance of helping you stop. My guess is that the majority of people who manage to use most current NRT products would have been able to stop with or without their use. If you think about it, all they do is keep you addicted to nicotine without giving you the comfort of the physically smoking.

The stop smoking industry isn’t really worth discussing either in my humble opinion. Quit Smoking Hypnosis has never worked for anyone I’ve talked to about it. Some feel after their session that they are free from their nicotine addiction but they all seem to end up back on the cigarettes a few months later. Most of the stop smoking books at your local bookshop and support groups are just as ineffective.

The only exception to the rule would be Allan Carr’s “Easy Way To Stop Smoking” technique which undoubtedly works for many smokers but there will always be those who are unwilling to take the effort to attend a course of read his book and for those people the e cigarette is the perfect option.

Read the original article HERE.

28 thoughts on “Nicotine Replacement Therapy Causes Cancer?”

  1. Allan Carr’s “Easy Way To Stop Smoking” If you are totally honest with yourself you find the truth, and the truth will set you free!
    Bottom line is: You only experience withdrawls if you believe you will and advertisements have been busy brainwashing smokers. I did not have any withdrawls! I do not have any desire for those things! I give the glory to God, andGod is perfect truth, and his word is truth! Allan Carr’s book is an eye opener for many who desire a true and total freedom from smoking! My only regret is that I did not do sooner!I praise God for Allen Carr’s book and for the truth! I am a non-smoker again and plan to enjoy the rest of my life as a non-smoker! PS I smoked for 38 years and was smoking 3-4 paks a day when I quit cold turkey!
    You can too!!! Deb

  2. I have to say that reading your article has made feel better about buying an electronic cigarette. I do believe the risks involved using E Cig are less than that of smoking cigarettes. To get away from the nicotine is the ultimate goal. Having said that I am hoping to lessen the NRT gradually until I don’t need it anymore, however getting off the nicotine isn’t the hard part of quitting for me, its the hand to mouth thing that is hard to shake. I, like most people I know, turn to food to replace the smoking activity that you did with your hands. I don’t want to do that because weight gain has its own health issues and I am already at risk, being overweight already. So I thank you! You helped me make this decision with E cig. I hope the it works for me and my husband. We have been trapped by this bad habit way to long.

  3. Volcano Ecigs are the best and cheapest. I reccomend the tank cartos that you fill up. Don’t buy the kit.. just go to accesories.. buy what you need.. It is cheaper that way.

  4. As an EX-SMOKER of 10 Years I found this article very helpful and informative. Anyone with common sense should know that if you ingest NICOTINE you ingest NICOTINE. Whether NICOTINE is ingested from smoking, skin patches, chewing gum and mints you still are ingesting NICOTINE! I too have heard that E-Cigarettes are a great alternative to TOBACCO and NICOTINE but BUYER BEWARE because one has yet to know if those “flavor” cartridges are healthy or unhealthy. As the AUTHOR stated if you are trying to quit the best way to quit is without any NICOTINE/ NICOTINE supplements at all. For those of you that are convinced that NICOTINE in lower dosages is a better substitute to being smoke free is NOT being honest and is NOT currently disciplined enough to stop smoking in the first place. To all of the angry and frustrated smokers stop venting your anger towards the author. No one is to blame for your NASTY, UNHEALTHY, and SMELLY addiction but YOU! Let’s be honest, some of you might have put down the CANCER STICKS but you have picked up a new addiction in the form of NICOTINE patches and gum. Even though I would rather inhale 2nd hand flavored water vapor smoke or occupy the same closed space as a person taking a nicotine supplement, it’s your life and if you want to painfully END your LIFE or seriously and negatively alter your lifestyle because you were too WEAK to STOP SMOKING and/or refrain from NICOTINE, so be it!

  5. Admin, your an idiot.
    you know damn well why they are getting worked up.
    its because your title is misleading
    and they said “skimmers”
    which is right, you do know how search engines work…
    dont you>? probably not or you wouldnt have
    said what you did.

  6. Hi admin,

    Your right, not enough time to determine the long term effects of this new product or any NRT. It’s definitely the lesser of two evils in everyones opinion.

    My questions are, why does chewing tobacco cause mouth cancer if there is no ignition and therefore no carcinogens?

    Are the 4000 natural chemicals in tobacco just as dangerous without ignition?

    Is the nicotine juice (used in e-cigs) a pure “extraction” without the extra 4000 chemicals?

    I haven’t seen these answers in over 20+ hours of searching the web. I have found a great source for e-cig info (e-cig forums) It seems to be where the e-cig community goes for info. I’ll post these questions there as well. Trying to convince my dad (cancer survivor) this is a safe cigarette replacement. Guess I’m trying to convince myself as well.


  7. Admin i agree with Paula & John.
    You should not be rude to your readers they are only trying to help you see what readers want to read and what interest they have in what they are reading needs to be TRUE Facts and statements.

  8. How can we know unequivocally that ALL the ingredients contained in an e Cig are listed on the label? Since they’re not FDA regulated, the eCig companies aren’t required to disclose all ingredients. I would certainly want to know the entire contents before spending even more money on nicotine-addictive products when the ultimate goal is to abstain.

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  12. I work for a company that sells electronic cigarettes. I have done quite a bit of reading on the subject. This is because I plan on selling them myself and would like to be proficient on the things I sell and informed to help people not hurt them with a potentially harmful product. After a lot of reading on various websites I have come to the conclusion that E cigs, although not good for you are emensely better for you than regular cigs. If you use them as a stepping stone for quitting all the better for you. If you switch over to them instead of cigs all the better for you. Although they are not proven to be better for you I whole-heartedly believe that they are much better for you than regular cigs. There is a ingredients label on them for one thing. It says, Nicotine and the level, water flavor essence and propylene glycol. Have you ever seen an ingredient label on cigs. The only thing you have probally never heard of is propylene glycol and I have read up on that as well. It is a food and body lotion FDA approved additive. Its what causes the smoke in your e-cig. There is a bit on controversy on this ingredient but of all ive read nothing is proven but quite a bit of malarky is spread. Read up on it yourself. In Conclusion, E-cigs are not good for you, but in my opinion if you have to chose one cigs or e-cigs they are a much better opitons and quite satisfying for the long run or the short term as a stepping method in quitting. People that sell them are’nt targeting people who don’t smoke we want the smokers to have a healthier alternative. As for your quesion on good brands. Sensation is an affordable and quality E-cig. It is the brand I chose to sell in my store. I have tried aprox. 8 diff kinds. They are refillable and have a good battery life. They are inexpensive and not cheap. Other brands which are cheaper and may appeal to you for that reason are cheaper for a reason. If you are serious about the switch invest the money in something that is going to last.

  13. Hey Paula,

    Yeah I guess I just like to argue :)

    Good job on buying an e cig, i hope it works out for you and helps you stop smoking.

    As for the best e cigarette I’m sure whatever one you have purchased will work just fine as most of the models on the market seem to do an acceptable job. I always preferred to buy Smoke Juice rather than new cartridges though. I think the smoke juice tastes better, gives a better “hit” and works out cheaper…result!

  14. That was funny. Recently purchased an ecig. looking forward to not continually inhaling smoke/tar into my lungs all the time.

    I gather you both support the ecig movement… just like to argue?

    Any advice on which ecigs work the best? cheapest refills?

  15. admin, don’t listen to the reactionary posts from these idiots. i read the entire article you posted, these people did not. i saw what you were trying to do. unfortunately, the “sheep” usually don’t complete full articles and go into reactionary mode and it’s hard to stop them. maybe they need an e-cig to calm down?

    btw, i’ve been on the patch for 7 days, smoke free, but i still want to put a smoke to my mouth. especially while driving. that habit is so hard to break i’m considering getting off the patch and going with “blu” e-cigs. i saw a filter with as low as 0mg of nicotine in it! i want to work myself down to that. any suggestions? thanks!


  16. Then you try to back up your Propagandized headline with beat around the bush bull shit that doesn’t even apply.

  17. Good post. Not quite sure what a couple of the responders were getting so worked up about. I did not get the impression that you were anti eCigarette. I’ve just placed an order for the eCig. I’ve gotten tired of worrying about what smoking could be doing to me. I cannot imagine that an eCig would be worse. Our lungs are simply not meant to have smoke in them constantly.

  18. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I agree that NRTs, including eCigarettes, are probably somewhat harmful. But I don’t think they are as harmful as actually smoking cigarettes. You brought up a good point about using the eCigarette as a stepping stone to becoming nicotine free. That should be true of any technique used to quit smoking, be it patches, gum, inhalers, filters, or whatever. If you are going to use a product intended to help you quit smoking, but never actually quit, then what’s the point?

  19. An interesting scientific discovery recently made is that governments who lie to their people for the sake of money are now being made into examples. When people create new laws, governments (who uphold a law previously made by the PEOPLE)are replaced by NEW governments who enjoy sending the old governments to concentration camps. This new scientific discovery is a joy to be heard.

  20. Wow, I’m going to have to write some more controversial headlines, seems to get people really worked up.

    Not that its particularly related to the argument, but can you show me the evidence which is available to show that we knew tobacco were harmful 5 years after it came on the market? do you realize that every civilization on earth had been introduced to tobacco by the mid 17th century. What health related problems were pinpointed as being caused by tobacco back then and where do you get your evidence? My guess is you plucked that statement out the air.

    I’ve said it consistently, smoking E cigarettes is MUCH better then smoking cigarettes. I don’t know if I can make that any clearer. I AM PRO E CIGARETTE! I’ve never hinted anywhere on this blog that e cigarettes might be anywhere near as dangerous as tobacco.


    You got that now?

    Having said that, there is no way on earth, even if E cigarettes did have a negative effect on health we would know it by now. The number of people using them is too small and there have never been any decent studies on there use. I’m not going to go into the political reasons why we probably never will see studies unless big pharma decide they want to sell the E cigarette to the public but it is what it is.

    Its interesting that you say my article loses peoples interest after the first 10 sentences. Especially when you consider the article is only has 8 sentences; I must write rather well!

    I don’t live in, and have never been to the USA so I can assure you that the fucked nature of your economy has nothing to do with me, you can blame that one on someone else.

    As for your comment about your President Obama, I am at a total loss as to what you are trying to imply. Perhaps you could enlighten me.

  21. Until you can blog some evidence that an E-cig DOES have a negative result, go find something else to blog about. E cigs have not been linked to any health issues from any news that has hit the net and they have been around for 4 to 5 years now. I can assure you that after 5 years of tobacco products being on the market that there were plenty of health related problems that were produced. Bottom line, they are safer than tobacco products, period. If you want to write something, start it off on a more positive note that has validity. You are the kind of writer that has our US economy in the shitter. Puts an article with a “catchy” headline, gets wordy, which loses peoples interest after the first 10 sentences. From there, they have missed any positive spin on anything you mention later in your article.

    Now, go find some Obama policy to blog about. That sounds like something that would be right up your ally.

  22. This isn’t news, it is many months old and I guess it is just being pulled off the shelf again because the anti’s are so short of arguments why e-cigarettes (and smokeless tobacco) should be stopped from saving peoples lives and health… we can’t have the real reasons emerge after all… (Big Pharm, Big Tobacco, Governments – they all stand to loose serious earnings if they would actually let people decide to get healthier in a very well viable way… – while many anti-movements would actually be in jeopardy as to their existence, so lots of fulltime ‘big names’ and small bigots there-in would actually even be losing their jobs: of course they too will do what it takes to keep their jobs in existence! – this is one very big fight, not just for e-cigs but for truth and for right-of-choices to do the best thing for oneself…

    What btw is really telling, is the lie within the headline/title. So that anyone just skimming those is sure to get the WRONG message… while what was REALLY said on this subject (‘lets not act as if we are lying’, right…) is to be found in this very same article!

    Title: ‘nicotine replacement therapy CAUSES cancer’

    What was heard from the scientist, and is even to be found in this same article:

    ‘mouth cancer COULD POSSIBLY be WORSENED by the nicotine levels found in stop smoking products’. So NOT CAUSED… at most worsening cancer that is allready there. That is one heck of a difference to what the title says!

    Please stop helping these people and institutes to lead people on in efforts to now demonize nicotine (no ‘worse’ then caffeine), after having done that first to tobacco (I fully agree tobacco is NOT healthy, is in fact deadly for many smokers… but by ‘demonizing’ I am talking about, for instance, the fact that the WHO, world health agency, hides it’s own scientific study when that shows to have the unwelcome outcome that secondhand smoke is NOT causing deaths (try to trace it… interesting to see how this was handled)…

    Acting like that is the same manner of turning and skewing things as is happening in this article on nicotine and cancer. This should stop!

    1. I’m not really sure what you’re arguing with me about. Is it simply because I wrote an attention grabbing headline? Do you honestly think that anyone out there is going to find my blog, glance at the headline and suddenly form the opinion that NRT causes cancer. Do you think that’s the way people work..really? I wrote the headline so that people would find the article and read it, it seems to have worked!

      If you read the rest of my blog you’ll see that I have as much disdain for big pharma, big tobacco and governments as you and the original article I referenced was aiming its health advice at people using NRT products which are produced by big pharma. So I don’t see how you can think this is some sort of conspiracy to make Big pharma and the governments more money.

      I believe e cigarette’s are a sensible choice for people trying to give up cigarettes, that’s why I used one to help me give up smoking and that’s why I started a blog called ecigarettenews. I put articles like this on my blog because I’m searching for truth I’m not saying that this research is the new bible on the dangers of nicotine, i thought that was obvious from my writing. Its my belief that the e cigarette and NRT products are probably detrimental to health but they are a damn sight better than tobacco. and so their use should be welcomed over the short term.

      did you not read the part of my post where I said “we can be sure that the cancer risk will still be much lower for a nicotine gum user when compared to someone who continues to smoke cigarettes” ?

      By the way, if you have any proof that nicotine is as “harmless” as caffeine I’d like to read it in the interests of my continued learning.

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