Electronic Cigarettes, The FDA And E Cig Safety

I read an outstanding article about the FDA’s quarrel with e cigarette manufacturers the other day and thought I would post it so visitors to this page could find it as its somewhat hidden from the view of most e cig smokers.

You can find the article on this blog about interesting news, entertainment and television. Unfortunately I can link to the specific article so you are going to have to search down the page until you find the one called “Recent Studies Indicate That the FDA May Contain Trace Elements of Bos Taurus Egesta”

If you haven’t heard, the FDA issued a quite incredible news release warning the poor unsuspecting public about the menace and danger posed to the health of America buy a wicked invention called electronic cigarettes. You can read the news release HERE, if you are interested in such things.

The FDA state that they discovered carcinogens in certain e cig samples such as diethylene glycol, an ingredient used in antifreeze. The conveniently forgot to mention that Diethylene glycol is also used in toothpaste, mouthwash, cough syrup, wine and plenty of other consumer products that fill our shelves. Don’t hold your breath waiting for an FDA warning regarding the dangers of mouthwash to be appearing on an Internet page near you anytime soon.

Nitrosamines were another potential carcinogen they found in the sample and yet again this chemical is found in many products including beer, bacon, fish, pickles, some meats and cheeses. Its found in e cigarettes because the nicotine used is extracted from tobacco but you can be sure that the numbers are not something you should be worried about if you are using this device to stop poisoning your body with burning tobacco products. And if you think using an e cigarette if comparable to smoking in regards to the danger it poses to your health then you can keep your cigarettes.

There was no mention of the fact that these very same chemicals are found in FDA approved nicotine replacement therapy…interesting! As with most things with these agencies you only have to follow the money trail to see where the motivation for their vacuous words is coming from. The FDA is financed by big pharma and anything that threatens to take some of their millions will be shot down.

People are wakening up to the reality of the FDA’s bias and I think many will take this news with the pinch of salt it deserves. Artificial sweeteners, a proven neurotoxin, are approved, no worries there. But try and invent a product that can save the live of millions by helping them stop smoking and the FDA and its financiers are going to want to get their cut. It all about the money!

As they say, there is not such thing as bad publicity so maybe we will see electronic cigarettes rise in popularity due to the idiot ramblings of this retarded organization.

Edit :: Here is a direct link to the article about the Electronic Cigarette and the FDA.

12 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarettes, The FDA And E Cig Safety”

  1. I dissgree with FDA. They must banned cigarette first,why they banned only e cigarette which is the healtheir alternative.

    I use jasper and jasper e-cig and I am quite satisfied with the product. E-cigs are the best alternative of conventional cigarettes. It gives you the desired effect of smoking real cigs without any involvement of risk such as cancers, lungs problems, heart attacks, respiratory problems.

    Not only has it improved quality of your health in fact you don’t have to worry about the people around you because they don’t get bothered as all what released are vapors. Secondly you can smoke anywhere in pubs, restaurants, in office or at homes.

    If it’s really getting harder for you to quit smoking, go for jasper and jasper e-cigs.

  2. hey i cant believe all this stuff with the FDA if they are going to ban e-cigs then surely they have to banned normal cigarettes right? i use a gamucci micro and its cool its around the same size as a normal cigarette tastes like a normal cigarette i even get the same amount of vapour from my e-cig i would smoke from a real one.

  3. They are trying to ban e-cig or change them to put what in it? But, They are not saying anything about reg cig that I smoke before these which was a pack a day that has in it
    Arsenic (poison) ,
    DDT/Dieldrin (used to kill bugs)
    Methanol (rocket fluid)
    Ethanal (alcohol)
    Hapthalene (mothballs) that kills rat which doctors test human product on rats in labs because they react to product like us.
    Nicotine (insecticide)
    Stearic acid (Candle wax)
    Toluene (industrial solvent)
    Acetone (finger nail polish remover)
    Cadmium (used in batteries)
    Hexamine (Barbecue lighter)
    Acetic acid (vinegar)
    Carbon Monoxide (car exhaust) good thing to make plant growth though which gov want to do away with all together mmmmmmmmmm…..
    Hydrogen cyanide (poison)
    Ammonia (toilet and house cleaner) Also good for bee stings
    Methane (sew gas)
    Tar has 4,000 chemical in it 3,700 that causes cancer When looking up the word tobacco tar it said, Tar when in lungs coats the cilia causing them to stop working and someday die. European union currently limits tar in cig to 10mg tar is the most destructive component in your reg cigarette it blocks taste buds, effect eye vision, damages teeth,gums,rots the mouth causes lung cancer and blocks papillae. DO WE WANT OUR GOV TO DO THIS TO THE E-CIG? Before tobacco only had nicotine in it! Why did that change? Now they are complaining of how many chemicals in our e-cigs? Just two week and I can breath again,I can taste again and I can smell again that alone make me happy.

  4. I have used the e-cig of J&J for 4 months. It permitted me to quit smoking instantly. Now, I only use it occasionally. Perhaps, because the FDA has not found a way to get a piece of this action, it is putting out a warning. And I can proudly say that E-cig is best and safe alternative of tobacco smoking.

  5. FDA is not approving e-cig because DEG was found in it, at the same time it is also found in toothpastes. My question is why toothpastes are not banned and e-cigs are??
    FDA is sounding a bit funny, or trying becoming a bit cautious. C’mon man you people are quite sensible and such acts doesn’t suits you.
    Instead of arising such issues, they should find a solution to it.
    Electronic cigarettes are recommended by doctors as the best alternative to tobacco products. Either FDA is gone crazy or the doctor’s prescription is not worth their experience or what I say is doctors are not experienced enough.
    Research says that so e-cigs are of no harm so far, so what is the reason that is performing such acts..???
    Yes Tim they are really wrong in this aspect that they are not supporting them as such companies are helping a lot in quitting smoking. I put MY example here that it helped ME a lot… JASPER AND JASPER E-Cigarettes.
    Nicorette inhaler is somewhat the same thing as that of e-cig, the difference is that it’s available on prescription. Crap…!!!
    Yes Alex, Self interest always comes before public safety.
    Money and self-interests are always put first but there are some duties towards the fellow citizens which should be fulfilled.

  6. I’ve switched to an E-cig. I feel much ‘cleaner’,healthier.
    And richer…

    If it took off in time it would it would remove the need for a whole section of the health professionals. Self interest always comes before public safety.

    We’ve have the Nicorette inhaler for while over here in the UK. Its truly unpleasant – a little like inhaling cat litter.

    So on top of everything they would have to admit they backed the wrong horse so to speak.

  7. The FDA has approved the Nicorette inhaler BUT it’s available only through prescription in the U.S. Exact same principal as the e-cigarette. Funny thing….no drug company or taxing authority has their hands on this one YET. Allow it as a prescription or TAX it. One way or the other, they’ll get their money. What a shame.

  8. Tarzan,

    That was an awesome, informative comment you left there. Thank you for taking the time to write that.

    If you don’t mind I might put that up on the front page of the blog so that visitors to the site don’t miss it.

  9. DEG is found in toothpaste etc., but it’s not supposed to be found in toothpaste. The FDA recommend screening in the manufacturing of glycerine products to ensure that DEG is present in less than a 0.1% concentration, so it IS unfortunate that DEG was found in a 1% concentration.

    It’s correct that antifreeze doesn’t use diethylene glycol but rather ethylene glycol, which is a related but different chemical. (Any layperson could confuse the two, but then the FDA shouldn’t be laypeople on such issues.) Now that doesn’t mean DEG is harmless, in fact when it’s been used in cough syrup it’s because it’s been mistaken for glycerine during manufacturing, and it’s commonly (and genuinely) held that many people have died as a consequence of such mixups, by acute DEG poisoning.

    What the FDA should have done is what they’ve done in all other cases of detecting “large” amounts of DEG in consumer products: bar the specific seller from selling any related products until they’ve documented that they are and will continue to be free of DEG. Fines might possibly be in order as well, along with other measures to enforce quality control. But this all relates to the specific supplier, not to the whole class of product. The FDA hasn’t issued a public warning against brushing your teeth even though dodgy chinese toothpastes have been found to contain DEG. Instead, the FDA warns against those specific imports.

    Nitrosamines are almost certainly undesirable, but the only thing that matters in this context is quantity. Lots of fruits and vegetables contain nitrosamines, as do many products that have been specifically approved by the FDA, such as nicotine chewing gum and Nicorette inhalers. The key thing is that, like with electronic cigarettes, all these products contain only tiny little trace amounts of nitrosamines, too little to make any difference at all.

    As for nicotine products marketed to children, well, the FDA specifically approved cherry-flavored nicotine lozenges. That’s candy. With nicotine. How much more “aimed at children” can a nicotine product be than if it takes the form of candy?

    The overall absolute safety of e-cigarettes is well-documented, and reports are still coming in from scientific studies around the world that all give them a green light (as does the FDA study itself, if you look past the press release). The fact that they’re safer than real cigarettes is well beyond ANY doubt at this time. There’s absolutely no doubt that the FDA have lost the health argument.

    But they are still the FDA, and they have the full backing of all their sponsors in the pharmaceutical industry plus a lot of “health organisations” who are also funded by the very same companies that stand to lose so much revenue if people should really begin to cure their own tobacco dependencies with e-cigs. So while the science is clear, it may still all come down to politics. And that’s really what we who are against cancer and heart disease need to worry about. US politicians and public servants have proven many times that the lives and freedoms of American citizens are not a primary concern to them at all. Money is always a priority.

  10. I plan to switch to the e cig. The FDA, the medical community and big pharma are making a huge mistake in not supporting the e cig concept and offering help in finding solutions to any problems with the product.

    Sure it’s about the money! What is life anyway? How shallow! 45 million American smokers of cigarettes and holding. Why aren’t affordable e cigs available at the grocery store?

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