Big Tobacco and the E Cigarette

Well we knew it was bound to happen eventually and it seems as if the news many have been dreading is on the horizon. Nothing is even nearly settled at the moment but it seems that there have been talks going on between Phillip Morris and the Ruyan E Cigarette Company.

After a couple of years of the major players in the tobacco and pharmaceutical industry doing all they can to beat the electronic cigarette to death they know want a piece of the pie.

Arthur Schopenhauer once said that “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” We’re coming to the stage where the e cigarette is going to be accepted and promoted by the tobacco industry as the obvious way for all smokers to get their nicotine fix. All the arguments about e cigarette safety will be quickly forgotten in the rush to make as much money as possible.

A couple of years ago when the electric cigarette was introduced to the market it was pretty much ignored by the tobacco companies. They sat back and let small niche companies build up a market for the product and when the device started to become popular they, along with the FDA and the nicotine replacement therapy manufacturers, went to lengths to make sure everyone knew how the product had never been tested and could be dangerous.

Of course those of us who have used the E Cigarette have always known that it was a product ahead of its time which was going to gain main stream approval. If big tobacco does get involved in this then it has its good and bad points.

The good:

  1. The cash they will be willing to spend on research and development will mean big advances in the technology which will mean a better vaping experience for us all.
  2. Their huge financial clout will ensure that required lobbying and research will take place which get the FDA and all other “health authorities” off our backs.

The bad:

  1. Big tobacco will waltz in with their huge cash resources and take most or all of the business off the E Cig companies who have done all the hard work building this product from nothing.
  2. The companies who have been lying to and literally killing us for the last 150 years with their deadly products will continue to take our hard earned cash.

I don’t know about you but I much rather give my money to a small e cigarette company that a multinational corporation who are quite happy to kill for money.

At this point no agreement has been reached between the Ruyan Group and Philip Morris but its only a matter of time before the tobacco companies claim their slice of this potentially very lucrative pie.

I’ll keep you posted on how this story develops as I get more information.

9 thoughts on “Big Tobacco and the E Cigarette”

  1. colinthebronc we are all beside out selves that you quit smoking without e-cigarettes. Why do we need them?
    Simply put we need them because they save lives. Millions of people will not die that otherwise would have. I think thats a pretty good reason don’t you? Smokers that enjoy their cigarette breaks and would not quit smoking normally can now and it’s relatively pain free with this product. Also those that may try to quit have a 4.5 times better chance of staying tobacco free if they use this product. Have you stayed tobacco free though? The odds are 5:1 that you did not. I hope that you did. I think you really do know that it’s not even debatable that e-cigarettes allow more people to quit smoking smoking tobacco cigarettes.
    Also it does not defeat the purpose of quitting smoking. Cigarettes kill people e-cigarettes and I’ll give you 4,000 reasons why. There are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes including tar carcinogens etc. and this kills people. E-cigarettes are as harmless as a cup of coffee in the morning.

  2. I think you are right about tobacco companies coming into the market and using their might to take the whole pie for themselves. I’m predicting that they will be putting loads of R&D money into a better technology that gives more accurate doses of nicotine…if they do they will have the patent for it and be lobbying to make it the only legalised version of ecigs. If this happens, it will be an absolute shame that the biggest criminals in the industry, get to make most of the money from the ingenious innovations of others that were trying to help people addicted to their death devices.

    But at least once they put their research money into proving the safety of Ecigs. The general consensus among the worlds governments will have to be to allow Ecigs and Ecig nicotine sales. Currently in Australia our government has banned local nicotine sales and one must personally import less than a 3 month supply of nicotine overseas.

    The other thing I’m concerned about is governments trying to protect their tobacco revenues by taxing Ecigs too much. Ecigs should always be much cheaper than smoking cigarettes to encourage people to once and for all stop the cancer sticks.

    Let’s hope that Ecigs continue to help millions around the world, with or without tobacco companies.

  3. I wonder how big tobacco companies will manipulate the recipes to make them as dangerous as smoking. All thoe deadly chemicals in cigerettes are mostly additives you know. To make the cigarette an “even burning and more enjoyable experience”

  4. It’s very nice to see some big steps for the streamlining of the e cigarette industry of the recent court victories such as a recent ruling rejecting the FDA’s claims that e cigarettes should be regulated as a drug device.

  5. Hi,
    E Cigarettes are probably safer then tobacco cigarettes anyways. And those big tobacco companies have to accept it. Because E Cigarette don’t contain tar which is really the most harmful substance in ordinary cigarettes. So in essence e-cigarettes are less heavy on your lungs. But use a brand who have less chemicals in their brand like I m using of J&J E Cigarettes and that’s their biggest competitive edge.

  6. I think it is so wrong for the big tobacco companies to just come in and take over the market. The company Ruyan is the same company that tried to sue E-Cig Brand company for patent violations even though E-Cig was the original inventor of the E-9 Style Ecigarette.

    I will still only buy from the smaller companies that started all of this and put in all the hard work and I hop that everyone else will do the same. Let Phillip Morris spend a whole bunch of money on development and then ban them so that all of their efforts are in vain.

  7. You have to understand that America is a fascist country. That is to say – business and government operates as a team. They’re trying to decide how to tax, regulate, and control the e-cigarette industry. I predict that within 6 months after the 2012 election, the Congress will vote to ban e-cigarettes.

  8. is there any need for e cigarettes i have been off cigarettes for 6 days now i know thats a short time i have written a blog on it at are e cigarettes not defeating the purpose of giving up smoking in the first place. but i suppose if they are harmless then alls good

  9. While I believe that the major tobacco companies will no doubt try to become market leaders in the ecig business,one must remember that Philip Morris inc only have 15% of the tobacco world wide market.It will I believe be a good thing for them to enter the market,proving that ecigs like Cecorettes have a place in the alternative smoking market.
    The day will come when smokers will be fascinated that in the old days,people actually inhaled burnt tobacco.This ecig debate needs the go ahead from all leading Governments allowing ecigs to be used anywhere.This will stop all the fuss,and allow the non smoking public to once and all shut up,and judge for themselves how clean and harmless to other people ecigs really are.

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