NJOY e-Cigs Lands Big Investor

In what can be seen as a positive endorsement of the future of e-cigs and vaping, e-cig brand NJOY has received a major capital investment from Catterton Partners–to the tune of $20 million dollars. Catterson is a consumer focused, private equity firm. Other well known brands in the firm’s portfolio include Natures Variety Pet Food and One Natural Experience (aka O.N.E) beverages.

NJOY greeted the investment with the pronouncement that they see Catterton not merely as a source of investment, but also as a strategic partner. Catterton has a reputation of choosing only the best companies in their categories in which to invest and utilize their expertise as well as their cash to generate long term success in those companies.

NJOY is looking to Catterton’s partnership to aid in increasing their brand strength, distribution and market share. This kind of high dollar, high profile attention and cooperation is a good indication that e-cigs are here to stay and moving from a niche market into the financial mainstream.

Smart Tips for Longer E Cigarette Battery Life

While most of us have been raised to have the mindset that we should turn off or use sparingly devices that operate on battery power, this logic does not apply to e-cigarettes and their batteries.

Most state of the art e-cigs use lithium ion polymer batteries that actually rely on daily use to operate at peak efficiency. Constant use of this type of battery results in better functioning as more power flows through the cell increasing efficiency. Lithium ion batteries are already among the longest lived on the market, and keeping this simple fact in mind can extend their life further.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that just like anything else—the better care you take of an e-cig battery unit, the longer and more efficiently you can expect it to perform. Lithium ion batteries need to be kept away from sources of heat and protected against water. Impacts from dropping batteries can harm operation and impair ability to function.

Obviously batteries should never be tampered with, or wired together to amp up e-cig power. The danger of this type of modification of batteries was recently illustrated by the Florida man maimed by his “garage mod” do it yourself e-cig wannabe.

Recharging should take place when an e-cig battery charge does down to 50%, not after it has been fully drained. Maintenance in the form of disconnecting the cartridge or cartomizer from the battery when the e-cig is not in use will also promote longer battery life.

Just a few common sense tips to optimize the vaping experience

First Quarter Sales Figures for E Cigarette Industry Are In!

The sales figures for the electronic cigarette industry in the first quarter of fiscal year 2012 have been released recently and the news is phenomenal. E-cigarette sales have skyrocketed so far this year and the future looks very promising for this tobacco replacement. With over a million users worldwide and counting, e-Cigs are one bright spot in a still pretty dismal world financial outlook.

There are claims that V2 e-cigs are the industry sales leader and that two brands that didn’t even seem to be contenders at the end of fiscal year 2011 are shaping up to give V2 a run for its money. EverSmoke and BullSmoke are experiencing sales growth due largely to their innovative pack designs which appeal to the iPhone and iPad generation in particular.

Quarter two should shape up to be equally, if not more, exciting for anyone who has an interest in the industry.

A Guide to E-Cigarette Battery Safety

A few websites have recently published guides to e-cig battery safety in the wake of the over-sensationalized news report of the supposed e-cig that exploded in a Florida man’s mouth. Many of these articles are a comprehensive look at the batteries that power e-cigs, including terminology, types of batteries and simple guidelines to their safe use for those who insist on putting together their own “ garage MODs” or homemade e-cigs from separately purchased components. Vapers who resort to “rolling their own” garage MODS are generally looking for more power to increase vapor volume and the satisfaction of the throat hit.

While MODS are not recommended by the industry, it must be said that it is human nature to ignore industry standards and precautions anyway and forge forward to what we will. At least with the information spread by knowledgable vapors in hand, more garage MODders might be inclined to follow the precautions and advice set out and educate themselves about what kinds of batteries are safest for their home grown e-cigs.

Most people recommend that Lithium-ion batteries, (which most of the current e-cig brands utilize in their designs) not be used in MODS as they are particularly prone to mishap when they are not connected to protection circuits (as they are in reputable brands of e-cigs and which tend to be circumvented in many MODs). There are other types of batteries with so called “safe chemistry” that are less prone to explosions and malfunction even when “stacked” and “doubled” as the amping up of power is called in the garage MOD vernacular.

The information available is somewhat technical in describing the terminology of batteries, but it’s worth seeking out common sense guides detailing how to safely put together your own custom e-cig and how to safely handle the batteries even on the branded versions. Otherwise you’d probably be better to use the standard batteries that come with the best e cigarettes on the market such as the Green Smoke instead of trying to cobble together a custon design which might end up costing you more than you bargained for.

Keep Calm and Vape On

Keep Calm and Vape On

Users of e cigarettes are being bombarded with negative information about their favorite gadget from all corners these days. If you vape the best thing you can do is ignore the ignorant opinions of those who don’t understand the joys of the e cig and the benefits it offers over traditional tobacco products.

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